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Hold On… White Appliances Are Now the New Alternative?

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011
By Christa Terry

I’m sitting here suddenly wondering what’s in everyone else’s kitchen and if I missed some kind of style memo, because according to Apartment Therapy, white’s the new stainless. Or the new black, or something. This is the sentence that struck me: “Like most people these days, we have stainless steel appliances in our kitchen.” Really? I’ve had white for as long as I can remember, and when shopping for a new range a while back, white appliances definitely dominated on the showroom floor. But the author of the post went to far as to say: “When I think of white appliances I picture my 20-something rental studios and various 80s kitchens from my childhood. Not a pretty picture.”

My guess is that stainless steel will go the way of avocado and almond

Again, really? I always thought that stainless steel appliances were the trendy alternative that will probably look dated in another ten years or so, with white appliances being classic and, furthermore, blending in so as not to make one’s kitchen look like an operating theater. Oh, and no gross fingerprints. Maybe not with dark wood cabinets, but I say bleah to dark wood cabinets, anyway. But maybe I’m totally in the wrong here – what’s your take on the kitchen appliance color debate? First, take the poll:

Then give us the lowdown… did you opt for stainless steel appliances or white or what, and why? Is white a trend, or is stainless the trend?

Wake Up to a Grease Fire With a Bacon Alarm Clock

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
By Christa Terry

Mmmm, bacon.

No, really, what could possibly go wrong with an appliance that cooks greasy, greasy bacon next to your head while you sleep?

Turning Disuse Into Decor

Monday, May 17th, 2010
By Christa Terry

It’s hot. Or at least warm. Either way, having a fire is the last thing on your mind, and will be the last thing on your mind for some months. You could lean a nice painting or print over the gaping maw of your fireplace, but why not use that empty space to make your living room (or bedroom) a little more awesome? Here are just a few ideas, but there are so many more things one could do.


Time In the Round

Monday, April 12th, 2010
By Christa Terry

Need to know the time and your celly is just not handy? Perhaps you need a super sweet Aspiral Clocks designed by Will Aspinall and Neil Lambeth. Deceptively complicated looking, they’re actually extremely easy to read. The clock face slowly spirals over the course of 12 hours, and a ball trapped in the spiral indicates the time. One simply looks at where the ball lies between the hours – three-quarters between four and five, closer to the five? That would be 4:45.

Aspiral Clocks start at around £350, and you can customize your clock in a number of ways, from the color or even background design behind the spiral to the hour where the ball resets itself. Noon is the standard – with its obvious application for moving between AM and PM – but there’s no reason your clock can’t reset itself at 5 or 11. Very cool!


Heat That’s Hot

Monday, December 21st, 2009
By Christa Terry

When you can’t live without something, you can at least make it look good. Heat, for example, is something those of us in certain parts of the world cannot do without, which means that radiators and other heating elements tend to get the shaft. It’s there, we accept it, and we move on to “more important” things like the color of our walls. But why should the humble workhorse that is the radiator not have a chance to live a life of high style? Radiators drab? I just say no. Check these flashy numbers out for a little taste of what I’m talking about.

decorative radiator 1

Colored, European-style radiators that match one’s decor perfectly, whether they’re in the bathroom or the bedroom. Like a nice warm towel or shirt in the morning? Pegler has you covered with bright radiators that are a lot more cheerful and chic than your average heat source.

decorative radiator 2

While some might find these tall hotties a little creepy in the dark of night, they are quite cool. The Oreste & Emma radiator designed by Andrea Crosetta might look best in a public space where it will be seen by a lot of people.

decorative radiator 3

In traditional spaces, cast iron is where it’s at. The Cast Iron Reclamation Company carries gorgeous, old school radiators modeled after those produced in France in the 1890s.

decorative radiator 4

Cast iron doesn’t have to look old fashioned, however. Just look at this unique radiator designed by Joris Laarman for Droog Design. It’s very pretty and modern without being overwhelmingly angular or unfamiliar… it’s like the traditional radiator’s younger cousin.

decorative radiator 5

Of course, if you have established radiators that you cannot replace for financial reasons or because you don’t own your flat, you might be able to incorporate them into your decor. Some people paint their radiators a contrasting color so it stands out, but Wary Meyers Decorative Arts painted this Park Slope radiator to make it blend in.

Where’s My Colorful Fridge?

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
By Christa Terry

When I lived in Berlin back in the day, the tiny kitchen we had in our otherwise massive flat contained a refrigerator that was orange. I mean bright orange. None of this white, cream, black, or stainless bunk for the Germans. Though I can’t recall if our stove was equally colorful, I can remember being surprised and delighted by the orange refrigerator that complemented our orange kitchen. That room in particular could easily be described as retro-modrn, and that was just the built-ins!

It’s a shame that the only places selling very colorful kitchen appliances here in the States seem to be Big Chill and Northstar. And then, of course, they’re quite expensive and really only work if you’re a fan of retro kitchen appliances. Sometimes you can find them at thrift stores, although they might need some minor repairs. However, you can find parts for retro appliances on sites like PartSelect

retro kitchen appliances 1

I do like them, but wouldn’t it be nice if some of the European kitchen appliance manufacturers would decide to sell to us here in the U.S. of A. so we could all have colorful refrigerators and stoves without having to opt for retro kitchen appliances. Of course, everything would still be quite expensive, but at least there would be some variety beyond the usual four-color palette!

The Egg Cracker?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
By Christa Terry

Needs versus wants has come up quite a bit on my little corner of the blogging world, both as it pertains to weddings and as it pertains to outfitting one’s kitchen. We’ve seen hot chocolate cups and useless kitchen gadgets and even the Pasta Pronta.

Now, in the tradition of the egg pricker, we have the egg cracker.

egg cracker

But it’s not just any old egg cracker! It’s the Swarovski crystal egg cracker, which adds a little glamour to breakfast time.

The Clack Egg Cracker is the essential kitchen gadget and ideal gift for those who love their boiled eggs perfectly sliced. No more whacking eggs with the back of a spoon and having to peel off bits of shell. No more attempting to make a perfect slice with a knife without letting it slip. Just a perfectly cut shell.

This strikes me as one of those things one might see on an infomercial featuring sad looking folks who are too clumsy to open a plastic bag, marinate a chicken, or yes, peel a soft boiled egg. I realize that this particular kitchen gadget wouldn’t take up too much room in a drawer or cabinet, but when you add to it all of the other useless kitchen gadgets in the world, you might just have a bit of a clutter problem.


Monday, February 9th, 2009
By Christa Terry

Ever tune into the Home Shopping Network? There’s something a little naughty about watching uppity women desperate to sell you something you don’t really need in the next 15 minutes. I don’t have a television, but the Home Shopping Network has gotten around that by putting their inventory online. How else, after all, would reclusive people like myself ever discover how empty their lives are without the FreshPrep Toss & Chop Salad Tool?

FreshPrep Toss & Chop™ Salad Tool

Now I realize that staring into its gaping maw doesn’t tell you much about how this apparent miracle of a kitchen tool functions. Luckily, HSN is there to clarify things.

Toss, mix and chop your food all in one step with our FreshPrep Toss & Chop™ Salad Tool. This amazing cutlery device allows you to quickly make healthy, fresh meals. Conveniently and swiftly prepare all the ingredients to make egg, chicken, tuna or chef salads, holiday stuffing and more—all in one bowl. Simple and easy to use, this great little tool saves you time in the kitchen so you can spend it with friends and loved ones.

I can’t deny that I do like spending time with friends and loved ones! Who doesn’t? Fascists, that’s who! So toss out your knives and your forks, and fill your kitchens with cooking and prep gadgets that don’t have any kind of cross-functionality. It’s the American way!

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