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Inspiration: Save A Seat

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
By Christa Terry

They may not be insanely comfy, but vintage theater seats and stadium seats can be an awesome addition to a super chill household. That’s where I think they belong, anyway, because old stadium seats that have been refinished are still going to be less than perfect. Unless you’re the cool kind of person who thinks unperfect is perfect, dig?

These vintage theater seats were salvaged from a movie theater in Chicago that closed down in the 50’s. Awesome. And they’re for sale for $950 at Rhapsody Attic , which is awesome if you happen to have a thousand bucks around. Plus shipping. A whole lot of shipping.

How can you not love these?

(Images via Rhapsody Attic and Penny’s Enchanting Home)

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Friday, June 18th, 2010
By Christa Terry

Isn’t this retro Jones & Co wall clock to die for?

I believe it is the Jones & Co Boxy Clock, which as you might have guessed from the lovely reflections in the photo taken by a certain booyaa, is made from glass. I am in serious coveting mode right now!

NtB Loves: Al Bombo Barstools… But Does She Love the Knockoff?

Thursday, May 27th, 2010
By Christa Terry

The Al Bombo Barstool is one of the most recognizable designs to bear the Magis brand, and one of the most fun. Designed by Stefano Giovannoni, the real Al bombo is an all-aluminum seat swivel bar stool that weighs a mere 26.5 pounds but costs a whopping $1,400. The not-so-real Al Bombo is made of molded ABS thermoplastic coated with a full-gloss scratch-resistant enamel, weighs 13 pounds, comes in 15 bright, brilliant colors, and costs about $60.

pink bombo

Like the original (I believe) these go from table to bar/counter height and have a 360 degree swivel.

yellow bombo

They’re gas lift tested to operate at least 100,000 times. And a rubber ring lines the perimeter of the underside of the base to protect your floors from scratching.

blue bombo

The question, of course, is whether knock off furniture belongs in the realm of, say, knockoff designer bags and shoes. I’m going to guess that the human rights abuses associated with knockoff designer bags could conceivably be a problem in the land of knockoff furniture, since both likely come from parts of the world where the idea of a minimum wage is laughable. Thoughts?

An Eight-Hour Day I Can Actually Enjoy

Monday, March 8th, 2010
By Christa Terry

Aren’t these prints cute? I know, cute isn’t for everyone, but if you have the right sort of aesthetic already in your home or you aspire to adorableness, then cute could be for *you*. For wall-ready adorableness I’m currently digging on EightHourDay, creators of, among other things, letterpress and screen print art featuring vintage-look designs in bright, eye-catching colors.

pink print

Did I mention that they’re cute? Because they are!

yellow and gray print

Eighthourday is a Minneapolis design boutique and a husband and wife team. You can find selected prints on Etsy, where the price is definitely right (though you’ll have to find your own frames). Their Flickr page is definitely worth a look. Fair warning: It’s not ‘stuff for the home’ but rather plain old good design.

Vintage Pottery: Inspirational and Easy to Acquire

Friday, February 12th, 2010
By Christa Terry

Vintage pottery is just plain fun. It’s fun to collect. It’s fun to display. And it’s fun to use, because if it’s going to take up space in your home you might at well enjoy it. Plus, as collectibles go, it’s easy to find and inexpensive to buy (especially on eBay). What’s not to like? You can base an entire room around a cool piece of vintage pottery, especially if the piece has great color or lines.

vintage pottery 5

What’s not to like? You can base an entire room around a cool piece of vintage pottery, especially if the piece has great color or lines.

vintage pottery

I’m not advocating smoking, but if you’re looking for ashtrays that don’t scream truck stop, vintage is the way to go.


A Farmhouse, Not Farmy

Friday, November 6th, 2009
By Christa Terry

I’m loving the 1840s farmhouse the painter Sean Scherer shares with his partner, Marc Mayer. It’s rather deceptive — outside it has all sorts of rustic charm, while the inside is home to botanical, zoological, and anatomical artifacts. Mercury glass shares space with transferware and precise renderings of human guts. Where else can you find an old slaughterhouse table share space with midcentury Scandinavian ceramics and newsprint wallpaper all in one space?

farmhouse bedroom

farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse living room

farmhouse kitchen 2

Inspiration: The Outline of Things

Monday, August 3rd, 2009
By Christa Terry

I stumbled upon this room created by the writer of Inside A Black Apple and was immediately hooked on the idea of grouped framed silhouettes. It didn’t hurt that I’d just been asking myself if I was capable, with my limited shop-fu, of creating a silhouette of her wee little head. I can’t answer that (yet) but that doesn’t mean I’m not on the lookout for framed silhouettes from other sources. Etsy, perhaps?

Framed Silhouettes

Isn’t this bedroom just divine? I love how all of her framed silhouettes are grouped into one corner. That said, silhouettes aren’t just for bedrooms! Far from it. Below the cut, you’ll find some silhouette inspiration that ranges from classic to eclectic. There’s even some plaid in there!


A Family Tradition? That’s One Crazy Family!

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
By Christa Terry

I usually go in for nice hotels, unless I’m traveling by myself in a foreign country, in which case I usually like to check out the cheapest option. Usually that’s a hostel calling itself a hotel, and sometimes there’s a pool. Here in the States, my preference is for accommodations in which I don’t have to worry about touching the bedspread for fear of catching a venereal disease. (Seriously, don’t touch hotel bedspreads any more than you have to.)

Now the Madonna Inn on the Central Coast of California… does it fit my criteria? Well the thing is that I can’t figure out if it’s a nice hotel trying to look like a cheesy hotel from the 60s or an actual cheesy hotel from the 60s trying to market itself as a retro kitschy nice hotel!

Madonna Inn

JUST HEAVEN: “This celestial room is embraced by golden cherubs and kissed in shades of blue to create a little heaven here on earth. An enchanting staircase winds upward into a private viewing tower above the king bed…where gentle rays of sunlight filter through multi-colored glass during the day and soft touches of moonlight linger at night. Graceful French-style furnishings fashion an affectionate ambiance in this heavenly creation for two.”


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