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Inspiration: Billowing Curtains, Just In Time for Summer

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011
By Christa Terry

AC can’t be beat, especially when there are triple digit temps on the weather map, but in milder weather there’s something to be said for an open window shielded by a gently billowing curtain that’s a sure sign of a cool breeze. And unlike a bulky window AC or an invisible central air system, billowy curtains are beautiful to look at and are, in many cases, an improvement over plain bare windows. Here’s a little inspiration to get you going if you’ve been thinking about changing out your wintertime window dressings for some sheer curtains for summer.

by Jimi Jones, on Flickr

from House to Home

via Cottage Dreamers


via Coastal Living

by A bunch of beans, on Flickr

Prying Eyes Stay Out, Light Comes In

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
By Christa Terry

Creepy neighbors looking into your windows from their windows? It’s a problem faced mainly by city dwellers, though anyone with a home that’s close to the next house over may find themselves facing privacy issues when it comes to bathroom and bedroom windows. The first solution that comes to mind is probably a curtain or blinds, but how about adhesive window film? Possibly associated with grandma’s house and restaurant bathrooms – at least in my mind – adhesive window film is nonetheless extremely useful when it comes to maintaining one’s privacy without also blocking out the sun.

And when it’s Emma Jeffs window film you’re using, you can choose between a whole bunch of really cool, pretty patterns that very specifically don’t look like the window film at grandma’s. I’m talking about everything from traditional geometric patterns to florals to unexpected stuff like rocket ships and fish.

This is just a sample - there are tons more patterns in the line

Perfect forthe potty, of course.

But also lovely in the kitchen and anywhere else privacy is required.

Each 37″ x 52″ roll of Emma Jeffs adhesive window film costs about $80 (a little steep, sure) and can be found at and

The Black Pearl

Friday, March 25th, 2011
By Christa Terry

Took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at here.

Windows upon windows

It’s easier to see up close, though it doesn’t look nearly as pretty without the illumination from within.

Just a little off in the best possible way

As described by Trendland:

The construction of this awesome Rotterdam house a.k.a Black Pearl has degenerated in an architectonic spectacle, in which is experimented with time and space. The 100 years old facade has been entirely reworked by Zecc Architects & Studio Painted in a shiny black oil, the brickwork, the window frames and the glass of the existing facade is painted black. Because of this black layer you can say a shade aroused on the old fa├žade. This shade has been taken as a basis layer in which is modern steel frames have been placed to form new windows.

The interior is pretty cool, too, and can be seen at the Trendland post.

Just fantastic, no? I really get a kick out of this sort of thing.

Window Styles: An Illustrated Guide

Friday, April 9th, 2010
By Christa Terry

Single Hung Window (via)

Double Hung Window (via)

Horizontal Slider Window (via)


Sit On It. Store In It. Stare Out.

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010
By Christa Terry

It is truly an unfortunate thing that there is no room in my home that could currently accommodate a proper window seat. Where the windows are large enough, they are far too high up. Sure, I could find a tall bench and place it under a window, complete with plenty of soft, punched pillows, but it’s not really the same thing. A real window seat has storage underneath, and is a quiet, sturdy place to relax and read or watch the world.

Someday The Beard and I are going to do all sorts of interesting things to our little Cape, but for now I have to be content posting pics here of all the things that float my boat. Perhaps you like window seats as much as I do? If so, you’re going to love the following pics.

window seat 1

Love the lamp, love the view. I have no clue where this is, but I want to believe it’s in one of those cities that feels more like a town. Maybe somewhere by the water? I’m ready to move in.


Wrought Iron? It’s Grate!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010
By Christa Terry

Har haw, I know. Terrible pun, but I couldn’t help myself. Growing up close-ish to some of the less savory parts of New York City, I saw plenty of wrought iron window grates, but as a child of the “safe” suburbs, I thought them a terribly eyesore. It didn’t help that many of the wrought iron window grates I saw were warped or rusted or just plain uuuugly. When you’re a builder throwing up cookie-cutter apartment blocks and houses, I suppose it doesn’t make much sense to think of the aesthetic properties of wrought iron. Can people get in via the windows? No? We’re all good.

It was only later when I lived in Costa Rica, where people coming in through your windows to steal whatever isn’t nailed down isn’t what I’d call an impossibility, that I saw wrought iron window grates that had *gasp* style! Granted, they were new, but that doesn’t mean they necessarily had to be pretty or fanciful or just gracefully curvaceous. I wish now that I’d taken some pictures of all the amazing wrought iron window grate patterns I saw, but to make up for that I found some awesome examples of wrought iron grating from around the Internuts. Enjoy!

wrought iron windows

(via Lady the Tramp)

wrought iron windows 2

(via Haddoncraft Forge)

wrought iron windows 3

(via Cor-Ten Art)

wrought iron windows 4

(via Palazzo Pizzo)

Nice, no? And perhaps even pleasantly inspirational to those contemplating buying cheap-o real estate in areas that one wouldn’t necessarily describe as savory.

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